Daring the Doctorate – Faculty and Mid-Career Students

Join Dr. Ada Demb, Professor Emerita from The Ohio State University, for an eSeminar that addresses the challenges students face when undertaking doctoral education at mid-career.

Ada Demb has been a faculty member, teaching and advising at The Ohio State University, in the Higher Education & Student Affairs program for 20 years. Alarmed by the high levels of attrition from doctoral programs she initiated a research project focusing on mid-career students. She has supervised 21 students to successful completion of their doctoral degrees (two more students will defend in June 2013), and has advised more than 100 master’s students in this highly-ranked program. The eSeminar draws on her new book, “Daring the Doctorate: The Journey at Mid-Career”, published in December 2012, by Rowman-Littlefield.

During the session she discusses:

  • The scope of the mid-career student population
  • Major themes from the current literature on doctoral education
  • Findings from her qualitative study of the mid-career student experience
  • Challenges involving personal transformation and critical support systems
  • Her research design and the data analysis process, using NVivo.

Watch the eSeminar

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