This site offers resources to help teaching staff and students at Boston University incorporate NVivo research software into course work or study.

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Learn NVivo

From self-guided learning to interactive demonstrations, there are a range of free learning resources available to you.

Teach NVivo for Windows

Here are useful resources to assist you to integrate and teach NVivo to students in a range of fields.

NVivo Teacher’s Guide: Teaching Research Methods with NVivo

Teacher’s Guide: Delivered modularly & designed to make it easier for teaching staff to incorporate NVivo into higher education coursework, and flexible enough to fit various teaching styles, approaches and disciplines. 

Also watch the NVivo Teacher's Guide video

Free video: How to teach and advise with NVivo

This is a 60-minute recording of a recent webinar led by Dr Judy Davidson who talks about qualitative research software as a tool for teaching and advising.

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NVivo Support

Need help? Our support resources cover everything from common technical queries through to ‘how to’ instructions.

NVivo Workshops

From face-to-face to online sessions, we offer a range of training options. Group and student discounts also apply.


Produce a quality literature review using NVivo.

Find out what NVivo for Mac has to offer and how it can help you with your research.

Learn how NVivo can support your team to collaborate effectively together on a research project.


Let us take you inside NVivo to see firsthand how NVivo can benefit you and your work.